Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi taken in for questioning. Who's next?

Global Voices Online

Uh Oh! More trouble in the Blogosphere Down Under Sector and I don't mean in Australia. Jeff Ooi,
Malaysian blogger extraordinaire, has been taken in for "questioning" by government authorities yesterday re: postings and reader comments appearing on his blog out of KL.

Check out the story posted by Ethan Zuckerman of the Berkman Center - Harvard Law School
on February 28th to his own blog and to the Global Voices Online blog. This makes for some very interesting reading for blog authors and their lawyers. What, you don't have a lawyer and you are posting to the Blogosphere? You might want one after reading this.

Update March 3rd:
Here is a link to Dan Gillmor's take on the Jeff Ooi story, titled "Thought Police in Malaysia - and America". Now the heavyweights of the Blogosphere are weighing in. Coooool.

Who's next? Bahrain is next, that's who (err, where I mean). Hey, we're on a roll this week with arresting bloggers around the world. Read this story about the three moderators of Bahrainonline presently in deep joghurt over in the Sun & Fun capitol of the Gulf States. News story courtesy of Rebecca MacKinnon at Rconversation blog, of course.

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