Thursday, March 10, 2005

Is it CeBIT Time Again??

Yep. It's CeBIT 2005 in Deutschland which means that about a half million idiots like me are focused on the latest and greatest technology gadgets from about 6,300 exhibitors all claiming to be the "world's leading technology company" in their respective fields...all chomping at the bit to get your money. Well, a handful of the companies make it worth the trip and we don't have to worry about finding a hotel down in Hannover (the correct German spelling, 2 n's not 1 n).

So, this gives me a much needed break from posting to my blog and an opportunity to see what's up with other "abnormal" people working with technology. You can read all about the show in this eWeek article, and note the little treat in the sidebar titled "Webloggers' Influence Cause Need for Regulation" by Chris Nolan ( a blog author by the way). I'm tellin' you the "Federales" are on to us all over the planet and they're gonna start crackin' down hard. Direct orders from the big dogs in the global publishing and electronic media business and nervous despots and dictators in various countries around the world.

Tonto and I will be back in the Blogosphere sometime next week (we hope) with some new ideas and tech tools and gadgets to share with you... like TV studio-grade video streaming tools for your blog and stuff like that. Really dangerous stuff to put into the hands of the "slobbering mob crying for blood" as some nervous journalists and media critics like to refer to us. In the meantime, keep firing away fellow blog authors 'cause I think we got the bad guys on the run. Ciao for now.

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