Saturday, March 26, 2005

...a word from your local missionary

You didn't think I was gonna let you go that easy right before Easter, did you?? Nah, never.

What would have happened back in the 16th Century if the explorers, merchants, and missionaries were able to blog information back home from Africa, the Americas, and Asia? It would have been even more disastrous than what history has already shown us, that's what.

Even more interesting, what would have happened if the indigenous peoples of these lands could have comunicated with one another (over the Net) that some invaders had just showed up with boats and guns and swords and some cheap glass beads?? We might have had a whole 'nother deal going down on Earth today, oder? Or maybe we would just have a mirror image of the same bad deal, or worse.

Meet Sahel Steve of the blog Voice in the Desert and Keith Smith of Under the Acacias. And as an extra-special added attraction just for the Easter Holiday check out Keith's photography of the Fulani people of Burkina Faso and his other photo sets at Flickr. Two modern day missionaries doing good things for the people of Africa from what I can see and read on their blogs.

Prayers (from Ingrid) and pictures of Africa (from Keith) for Easter 2005. What more could one ask from the Old Eagle at Jewels in the Jungle? Happy Easter, folks. Thanks for stopping by.

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Keith said...

Thanks for your link and comments! It's great to come across others blogging for Africa.