Saturday, March 20, 2010

Herbstpause: My autumn (and winter) break has come to an end

Hello dear readers. I will be taking a break from writing at Jewels in the Jungle this autumn while focusing on some pressing issues, tasks, and new ideas.

One great thing about writing about Africa today is that when you need a break there are numerous outstanding blog authors, online journalists, and CJ's who can pick up the slack. See you guys down the road in a few months or so, refreshed and ready to go. And as always many thanks for your support, comments, and encouragement over the past 5 years.

Update March 20, 2010:

O.K. "Herbst ist vorbei (Autumn has passed)" and a very long and cold winter here in Germany has come to an end.  It is about time that I get back to work on my blog and serve up some commentary and news to my loyal readers and visitors who continue to stop by at Jewels in the Jungle.  Where should I start?  Has anything important happened in Africa (and elswhere around the world) while I was hibernating?  Yaaawwwn.  Let me see here...Whoa!  Whoa! Whoa! I'm back y'all (if only on a limited basis for the year 2010).