Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wir machen eine Pause

My Goodness! What’s going on over at Blogger’s Tech Farm? This application hasn’t been running right for days. Get it together guys (and girls). Darn.
Tonto and I have decided that we have reached an important “breakpoint” with our blog Jewels in the Jungle. This means that if we don’t get some other very important work done that has been piling up for months things are going to start breaking down all over the place around us here.

Therefore, we have come up with a 5-point Strategic Plan for our blog:

1. Reduce the number of postings for a while and speak up (write) only when we have something very important to say or share. This of course will not work.

2. Clean up our room and change our pajamas (just kidding). Reduce the work backlog and complete all major technology-related tasks and security issues that we have been putting off until tomorrow. The Net is getting dangerous! The time to lockdown the fort and upgrade our network defenses is Now. This will take a while and cost a lot but it will be worth it. I suggest you review your own IT security as well, particularly the part that connects to the Internet.

3. Think about where we would like to go with this blogging experiment in the near future and review our original plan (what plan?) to see how we got so far off track. Find the problem(s), fix them, and get back into the groove as soon as possible. This means we will be studying other people’s blogs and reading what the real experts in the field have to say and then we will be back “Loaded for Bear”.

4. Get help with our writing skills and character development, ‘cause we need it. This could be “Mission Impossible” but let’s see what happens. Maybe we should hire somebody to author our postings? (Hire 'em cheap, of course).

5. Get (free) psychological counseling for starting a blog in the first place.

So, that’s our New Strategic Plan. We will be paying close attention to our favorite blog authors in the meantime and making trouble in their Comments Section as usual. Of course we will continue to be available (off-blog) for our fellow blogging buddies and some readers. Always at your service as long as it don’t cost us anything.

We thank our readers and fellow blog authors for being so supportive of our humble efforts over the past 10 months and promise to be back up-to-speed ASAP. In the meantime, give ‘em heck out there and keep the bad guys on the run!

TONTO: “Man, we got passed over again at the Annual Bloggies Awards for 2005. Not even an Honorable Mention. Nothing!”

BRE: “What? How could that happen? What about all of those fake nominations we sent in? Do you think we were ignored and passed over just because we’re black??”

TONTO: “What you mean We, black man?”

Ciao for now folks.

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Wambui said...

When you find free therapy, let me know - in desperate need of some! Enjoyed your rantings ;-) come back soon and please wash the pyjamas ;-)