Thursday, January 20, 2005

Test Posting

This is just a test posting to my blog due to some problems experienced on Blogger's servers yesterday. I have some very (hopefully) interesting postings coming in the next days regarding the recent commemoration holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the U.S. and on an upcoming lecture at the U.K.'s Royal African Society by the infamous and notorius mercenary Tim Spicer of Aegis Defence Services Ltd. (featuring special guest star, Mark Thatcher).

I should get offline now 'cause we are having one of those typical North Sea winter days complete with mini-hurricaines interspersed with stints of sunshine. The Heavens are throwing everything at us but the kitchen sink... Bam! "What was that?" (The kitchen sink).

Allright, have everybody run data backups immediately and then shutdown the network!

NOTE: If you are a Blogger user and having problems with posting to your blog also, you can check on the status of the Blogger software and hardware at the Blogger Status site.

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