Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005: The Year of Hope

The Children of the Sun
Photo by Ibbo, Mozambique 2001

"...and we shall hearby declare this new year 2005 as The Year of Hope!".
The Russians have an old wise saying that goes something like this, "Hope is the last thing to die". The new year 2005 should be a year of hope for many of us, making sure that the necessary hard work on all fronts gets done so that we can start turning things around in this world and making this a better place for everybody to live.

The kids above in the photo are just lovely, aren't they? Full of joy and dreams and hope for the future. Fortunately for them they have been born into a country which has brought an end to a terrible and long-running civil war, the country of Mozambique in southern Africa. From photos and video I have seen it seems to be a very beautiful country, and I want to thank Ibbo for this great shot of the kids. I gave the kids the handle "The Children of the Sun" for this posting.

The leaders and the people of Mozambique are on "the comeback trail" according to much that I have read last year in the various media, and that is wonderful. I also heard that Mozambique has made a financial assistance pledge to the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami victims for US$ 100,000.00. Now that is really something considering how badly the government of Mozambique needs money itself to help its own citizens with reconstruction and rebuilding. It goes to show you that some very smart people in Mozambique have got it right, in their heads and in their hearts.

Over the next few days I intend to post about some very interesting things going on in the Blogoshpere and the traditional media re: the tragic series of events following the Indian Ocean quake of December 26th. I think that you will enjoy it and gain a different perspective to boot.

In 2005 the Internet Rules the News! Power to the People is back in vogue and moving fast.

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