Friday, January 21, 2005

Blog Technology Updates for 2005

The Blogger platform still seems to be a bit shakey today, so before I do another test posting and then attempt to post my really big article on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. again for the XXth time!, I thought that I should share some weblog technology news and resources with you.

Here is a link to the eWeek Special Report on Weblogs with lots of articles from 2004 and earlier on blogs, bloggers, and what makes the technology and the Blogosphere tick. eWeek and its companion websites is one of my most coveted information resources on Information Technology, so you can usually trust what they have to say.

Note the latest articles on efforts to curb Comment Spam on blogs (article#1, article#2). I haven't had a problem with it yet (Thank Goodness!) but have noticed it on other blogs and I've read a few articles stating that it is becoming a serious problem. If you are a blog author you should read these articles and others to keep up-to-date on how to keep your blog running like a champ and how to protect yourself in the Blogosphere from SPAMMERS and other cyberscum.

Also note the fierce competition building up between the blog software companies i.e. Blogger (Google) vs. Movable Type & Typepad (Six Apart) vs. Wordpress vs. Microsoft vs. etc. etc. etc. Interesting how they are slugging it out for our attention and future business, isn't it? I hope the folks over at Blogger get their updates and infratstructure acts together soon or I might consider "jumping Google's mothership", but not over to Microsoft, nah no way.

Last but not least here is a nice little article on the Power of the Bloggers. It's not just politics and news op-ed (opinion editiorial) commentary anymore, now it's gettin' personal__and powerful.

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