Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Malaysian Blogger Jeff Ooi

I've just added the Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi's blog "Screenshots..." to my blogroll today. Jeff is an outstanding blog author and is getting a lot of attention in the Blogosphere due to his excellent writing and engagement for free speech and democratic principles in Southern Asia. He is a must read blogger if you are "really interested" in what's going on down in his region of the world. I am.

Check out his piece on the 115 year old Malaysian woman who survived the tsunami disaster in one of Malaysia's coastal communities. She says the Japanese Occupation during WWII was tougher, and she oughta know 'cause she was there! Great article along with many other postings from Jeff.

I've been (quietly) adding some other outstanding blogs and sites to my blogroll over the past weeks and months, but we'll get to them later. Jeff is hot right now, and in the thick of it.

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