Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ethiopian Elections Update & the Carnival of Revolutions

While struggling to prepare myself to do a follow-up posting to Carine’s breaking news story on the AngloGold Ashanti mess down in the Ituri district of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo I received a “Heads-Up Notice” from one of my buddies re: the recent parliamentary elections in Ethiopia. It seems that the claimed victory by the ruling party in Ethiopia is beginning to spring some leaks, lots of leaks. Here is a list of links to blogs and news sites covering the developing story of the recent elections in Ethiopia:

The ethiopundit’s recent analysis and backgrounders on the elections:
Revolutionary Measures
Tiger by the Tail
Just Like Rasputin

BBC News coverage on the elections here and here.

The Washington Times on why U.S. election observers got kicked out and
a Norwegian EU election observer was given the boot as well.

The University of Oslo’s report on the Ethiopian 2001 local elections:

A colorful report on the Ethiopian elections at the WILLisms blog:
Ethiopia: Maturation of an Emerging Democracy

UPDATE June 10th:
I see that the Gateway Pundit back in St. Louis has been on top of the unfolding story in Ethiopia as well. Now you've got trouble, two river rats (him and me) have joined up in the fray. It's good that he's got my back on Ethiopia so I can finally finish my "gloves off" posting on the D.R.C.

Speaking of the
WILLisms blog they have a really interesting new feature called the “Carnival of Revolutions”. You can find this week’s Carnival roundup over at the Publius Pundit blog. Also check their schedule for the location of upcoming Carnival blog hosts for 2005. Here is the link to last week's Carnival of Revolutions hosted by the Registan.net blog.

Have you read the June 03 article at WILLisms on
Paul Wolfowitz taking over the helm at the World Bank? Good reading, especially the advice from Foreign Policy magazine and that nice smiley photo of the Wolf in a good mood. I wonder if he is going to be at the meeting today with Tony and George? Professor Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute at Columbia University is not very confident that Bush understands the gravity of situation. I wonder what the American people have to say about the U.K.'s Commission for Africa proposals and the Debt Relief plan? Any tips on what I should be reading in regards to what Americans think vs. what the British press thinks we think?

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