Thursday, June 16, 2005

Freedom Blog Awards 2005 Winners

Congratuations to the winners of the 2005 Freedom Blog Awards organized and sponsored by Reporters without Borders and Deutsche Welle. Professor Jay Rosen, former Chairman of New York University's School of Journalism and author of the PressThink blog has a great posting on what it means to him to have received this recognition.

Jeff Ooi of Screenshots was the winner in the category for Asia and the only blogger on my shortlist to have won top honors. Ethan Zuckerman's My Heart's in Accra and Rebecca MacKinnon's NK Zone were among the 60 blog nominees selected for this international competition.

Unfortunately the RSF and Deutsche Welle staff responsible for this year's competition lumped African blogs and Middle Eastern blogs into the same category with a clear favoritism toward the latter (in my opinion). I noted that RSF does not lump their Africa and Middle East news into the same category so I wonder why they felt that it was O.K. to do this with bloggers?

Perhaps for next year's competition they will do a better job in familiarizing themselves with the African sector of the Blogosphere and make better choices for voters in the 2006 Freedom Blog Awards competition. The Deutsche Welle BOBs Best of the Blogs Awards 2004 had 100 nominees selected from more than 1000 blog entries submitted by bloggers from around the world.


Imnakoya said...

Well writtem BRE! Thanks for passing the word around

julia said...

Hi! I am on a drive to get bloggers to blog a picture of the coins in their country.
Just a picture of the coins, front and back if possible!
I will then put a link to your blog post.
Would you be interested in representing your country?

Black River Eagle said...


You need to get in touch with a German blogger. Try some of the bloggers listed in the Deutsche Welle BOB's list as described in my posting above.

Thanks for stopping by anyway. Good Luck with your campaign.