Tuesday, June 14, 2005

BBC News: What African bloggers are saying about the G8 conference

It could be that this is old news and unfortunately I do not have time today to fully read and comment on this article from BBC News Magazine Weblog Watch for June 13th, but for bloggers writing about Africa and writing from Africa this is a Heads Up! on yet another prime time feature in the mainstream media (MSM) about bloggers and their collective impact on world events.

Some well-known African blogs are listed in this article i.e. Kenyan Pundit and tHINKEr's rOoM as well as a few that I thought had fallen off the edge of the Earth ages ago. Perhaps Weblog Watch Magazine could spend more serious time researching the African sector of the Blogosphere and do a follow-up story in the near future for the Africa '05 celebrations in the U.K.

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