Saturday, February 12, 2005

Test Posting Feb. 12th

This is just a test posting to check the recent software upgrades and changes by Blogger. The profile and posting count routines don't seem to be working properly yet to me. I guess I'll have to Ping those support staffers again back at Blogger.

If any of my readers have been cruising around the Blogosphere today then you have probably noticed that the blogging community around the world is RED HOT!! Boy, I hope the Net can handle the heat and traffic out there. I don't think the Net was built for this kind of upsurge in global interactivity. Maybe we need to build out the global ICT infrastructure at an even faster pace and higher priority for all nations so that even more people can have a voice and chance to Speak Up.


Ingrid said...

Hello B, Up until now I have had trouble leaving a comment here. Even my HaloScan system is down at where I have left you a message in my latest post :)

Sorry I need time to reply to your message and comment at Sudan Watch. Been a bit busy updating today's post there. Hope to catch up later. Bye for now. Say hello to Nzyme :)

Black River Eagle said...

Hi Ingrid,
You have other means in which to communicate with me so use that when it is necessary. What kind of problems are you having with the new Blogger Comments Tool? If there are any bugs with the software update they need to know that at Blogger Support.

I visited "Nzyme's" blog briefly and she looks to be a real nice lady (good looking too). I would introduce her to my Boyz but I'm having trouble enough gettin' them to behave themselves here in Europe when it comes to women. They are a bunch of wild animals if you ask me, and it would be a disservice to that nice lady down in Texas to make their acquaintance.

As for myself, I'm scared of Texas women after that last unfortunate incident at dinner in Dallas back in 1980...:) You can tell her Hi from Germany though.

Ingrid said...

Hello B, You published a test post, so I left you a comment to show Bloggers new commenting features were working at a time when HaloScan wasn't and the net was very busy. Just testing it for you was all. I wasn't complaining.