Friday, February 18, 2005

ethiopundit: Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King

As I sit at my computer in my office today watching the beginnings of one of those really dangerous North Sea snow storms sneak up on us for the weekend, I decided to check my web-based email at Yahoo! and lo-and-behold there was a message from one of my favorite bloggers: ethiopundit!

It was a notification message about a recent posting the ethiopundit Team has done on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. If any of my readers have been fortunate enough to have discovered the ethiopundit blog some time back (founded in July 2004) then you know that this article on Dr. King is a must read. Every time I visit their weblog I come away with the feeling that today I have learned something that I didn't know before.

I have been marvelling at the excellent writing and creativity out there in the web and particularly in the Blogosphere lately by people of every shade and color, from so many nations and ethnic backgrounds, who are writing about Africa in particular and about practically everything going on down here on the Planet Earth. You are making the Fat Cats and the Bad Guys around the world nervous, I'll tell you that. Too much sharing of valuable information going on for their tastes.

If the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today (we sure could use him now, couldn't we?) and was able to enjoy some of the beautiful work I and many others have been so privelaged to experience from certain authors and designers and contributors from every background active in the Blogosphere today, well he would be mighty proud. Mighty proud indeed.

Thank you ethiopundit for helping to keep our heads up...und unsere Ohren steif! (auf Deutsch)

BRE: "Who are these guys, Tonto?"
TONTO: "I don't know, but I think they from Ethiopia or somewhere like that."
BRE: "Well, wherever they are from they are damn good at what they do."

AN EXTRA TREAT for My Readers:

You may remember that I wrote a humble article in rememberance of Dr. King back in January 2005, where I mentioned the speech Martin Luther King delivered at the NYC Riverside Church in 1967 titled "Beyond Vietnam - A Time to Break the Silence". Well thanks to the article from ethiopundit referenced above I discovered a great site named American Rhetoric which has the text including an MP3 audio file you can listen to over the internet of that speech and others from Dr. Martin Luther King . Get the handkerchiefs out laidies (and gents) this site will make you cry if you can remember back to those days. There is oratory by other great American historical figures on this website as well including speeches by JFK and RFK.

This is a good time to make a plug for a good article titled "Reversing the Middle Passage" from Kenya Hudson (another one of my favorite bloggers) which highlights the new InMotion Exhibition at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City. InMotion online is one of the most extensive multimedia exhibits on the history of Africans in North America I have ever seen on the web and will serve as the basis of a number of articles I plan to post over the next weeks and months. The (written) history of the African roots of my family dates back to the mid-1700's in the United States of America, and the story of my people is definately somewhere InMotion. Yessir!

And of course last but not by any means least the U.K. is having a Black Culture Blowout this year with the Africa ReMix art exhibition and the Africa '05 festivities and celebrations in and around Londontown through October 2005. This is the largest (and perhaps one of the best) celebrations of African art and culture ever held in Britain (nah...the largest in all of Europe!).

So there! Have great fun and learn something about the History of Black Folks while you are at it. It's Black History Month back home.

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