Wednesday, February 02, 2005

UN Special Commission Report on Darfur January 25, 2005

This is just a quick update post on Darfur 'cause frankly, I'm busy with some other stuff. You didn't think that I was giving up on the folks down in Darfur and Chad, did you? Nah, never.

So I was over at Ingrid's place poking around for the latest news out of Sudan and making trouble in her Comments section yesterday. Now those of us who have a boob tube (TV) at home or at least access to good press or radio know that the international media is getting tired of the Tsunami Disaster reporting and has turned its attention back to Sudan again, however briefly. The big story of the day is the latest report to the U.N. Secretary-General from his Special International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1564 of 18 September 2004. The report was officially released on January 25, 2005 at Geneva and certain important people (including the GoS) have received advanced warning (sorry, advanced copies) of the report which pretty much lets the Khartoum regime (a.k.a. the GoS) off-the-hook for GENOCIDE ____________ (at the special request of China and Russia I might add) and now the proverbial S--T HAS HIT THE FAN in capitols around the globe and fur is flying everywhere and a few chicken feathers too.

Now all I've got to say about it is "I told you, I told you so, I ..." nah, I'm not going to say that. All I've got to say is READ THE REPORT! After all, we (taxpaying citizens of the world) paid for this special investigation by the U.N. Special Commission of Inquiry or whatever, 'cause the U.N. is flat broke and they sure as heck aren't paying for it.

Download and read the 176-page U.N. document and you might be motivated to do something to relieve those poor people of their living hell out on the deserts of western Sudan and Chad, like start raising some Hell in your home country with certain politicians and businesspeople doing big business with the regime in Khartoum, making money at the expense of the lives of innocent women and children being brutalized and murdered in Darfur by you know who.

Lastly, the next time you are at the store and pick up something labelled Made in China or Made in Russia or Made in any of the other countries supporting the present regime in Khartoum, well think about what you are doing before you buy it. Hit 'em where it really hurts, in their rear-ends where they keep their fat wallets full of your money.

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