Sunday, September 17, 2006

World: Global Day for Darfur in Full Swing

The Global Day for Darfur is today. A million voices from around the world have begun to speak as One Voice. People everywhere are pleading “Send in the UN Peacekeepers to Darfur ASAP”. There have been rallies in Moscow and Montreal, memorials in Abuja and Kigali, candlelight vigils in Phnom Pen (Cambodia), protests from Paris to Madrid, prayers in London, and a huge event is taking place in New York City’s Central Park as I write. According to the event organizers, more than 32 cities around the world will be participating. I won’t waste your time today with a lot of words of my own, but want to share with you some blog posts and press articles and video news that highlight the Global Day for Darfur and the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

Global Day for Darfur website website – Prayers for Darfur blog post

Amnesty International - Global Day for Darfur site

Suffer the Little Children - A beautiful poem for the women and children of Darfur by African blogger Mshairi (London)

Black Looks – a look at what’s happening in Spain on the Global Day for Darfur

The Independent (U.K.)
Bush hints at use of force in Darfur – Sep 17, 2006
Day for Darfur inspires protests in 32 countries – Sep 16, 2006

The Sunday Times
A Blind Eye to Genocide by Bishop Desmond Tutu – Sep 17, 2006

The Sudan Tribune
Sudanese First Vice-President Supports UN Troops in Darfur – Sep 16, 2006

Der Spiegel (International edition – English)
Escalating Violence: France calls for action on Darfur – Sep 15, 2006

BBC News
Blair criticizes Sudan on Darfur – Sep 16, 2006
U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair's letter to EU leaders – Sep 17, 2006

CNN – Activists around the world focus on Darfur – Sep 17, 2006

CNN Inside Africa with Femi Oke – Sep 16-17, 2006 program
Transcript of interview with Rev. Dr. Gloria White Hammond ( and Omar Ismail (Darfur Peace and Development Foundation)

Note: the SaveDarfur coalition of more than 170 inter-faith organizations and foundations is a key organizer for the Global Day for Darfur. During the interview with Femi Oke Dr. Gloria Hammond described the Government of Sudan and President Omar al-Bashir as perpetrators of a “serial genocide, referencing government aggressions for more than 20 years against the people of Southern Sudan, the Nuba Mountains, and the Darfur region.

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Abdurahman Warsame said...

Discussion Darfur

[...] Darfur is one of the saddest cases of our time, it highlights the failure of the world to protect the basic human rights of the people of western Sudan [...]

BRE said...

I highly recommend that readers visit Abdurahman's blog for information about the Arab world view on the Crisis in Darfur. See the Sep 5th post about the Aljazeera Center for Studies televised debate on Darfur:

Abdurahman Warsame said...

[...]The Arab League is a weak, incompetent and morally bankrupt organization that doesn't represent the views of the Arab people [...]

Anonymous said...

GlobalDayforDarfur in Oslo, Norway: