Friday, January 26, 2007

World Economic Forum at Davos 2007: Are we at the periphery or the center of their attention?

Have you been paying attention to the World Economic Forum annual gathering down in Davos, Switzerland this year? Guess who’s at the center of attention… or as the forum organizers have put it "at the center of The Shifting Power Equation”?

The global media networks and press have published over 200 articles and programs about The World Social Forum 2007 over in Nairobi, Kenya. Maybe the two (WEF & WSF) should hold their forums in the same locale next year, sort of bring people together. Non? Won’t work? Why not? Here is a link to the official website of the World Social Forum 2007 and a detailed article about the WSF at Wikipedia.

Below are listed some of my favorite news sources on DAVOS 2007 and online journalists and editors should pay particular attention to the latest news aggregator service whose software powers the WEF Davos Conversation website.

Jeff Jarvis, author of the hugely popular BuzzMachine blog has many interesting posts and lively debates about the fourm over at his place as he blogs Live from Davos floor this year. What do you think, do these global forums and conferences make any real difference in peoples lives or is it just a chance for the organizers and attendees to grab some media attention and Internet bandwidth?

Blogs and news sites reporting on Davos 2007:

Davos Converstaion
Forum blog (official blog of the World Economic Forum) (checkout the Flash graphic cover to today’s top stories) (version for visitors with a low Internet bandwidth)

The New York Times

Dealbook blog: DAVOS Diary

BuzzMachine by Jeff Jarvis

Davos 07: Gates, Wolfowitz, and the world
Davos 2007 posts (tagged posts)

Reuters blogsDavos 2007

CNN International

Davos 2007 special coverage

BBC News – Blogging Davos
The Promise of Africa

The Business of Poverty

WEF Forum blog
Enlarging the Davos Conversation - 01/09/07
Davos 07 – a category listing of posts

Experentia blog
Enlarging the Davos Conversation – 01/09/07

Open (finds, minds, conversations)
Davos Conversation (w/ Jeff Jarvis video on the Davos Conversation Project)

The Economist – Democracy in America blog
Davos: an idea for Professor Schwab – 01/24/07

BBC News
Vibrant anti-Davos has impact – 01/24/07

Kenya, Hear Our Voices – 01/25/07

A babble of bloggers at Davos – 01/26/07

DayLife Webified Newspaper Launches – 01/04/07

Micro Persuasion
Daylife Establishes A New Way To View News – 01/04/07

Lost Remote
Daylife news startup launches: give us your review – 01/04/07

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