Monday, April 11, 2005

Living with Refugees + General Updates

We're gonna be away from the blog for a couple of days (or more) because I have to troubleshoot a particularly pesky little problem with a software application. First Tonto and I are going after the little critter (bug) 'cause we can do anything that these young tech experts around us think they can do, and we can do it better. If we mess anything up, then we might ask the youngsters for help.

"Fur and Feathers are Flying" over at Le Salon of News and Thought because somebody (Brian) brought up the "G Word" in reference to Rwanda. It's getting kinda hot over there so Tonto and I are gonna keep a low profile until things calm down. All kinds of nationalities have joined in the fray, including a Rwandan blogger. Maybe The Malua needs to serve some refreshments to his guests in Le Salon to cool 'em off? Lemonade anyone? Tea?

Kenya Hudson of the Ambiguous Adventure blog is back after a (very) long pause, so you should keep an eye out for her upcoming postings. Welcome back, Ms. Hudson. There is also some good writing to be found over at Wambui's Snapshots of New Orleans. In my opinion she is doing very interesting legal work dealing with crime and punishment issues in the U.S.A., so do stop by and have a look at some of her excellent journal entries.

Oh yeah, CNN did air Sorious Samura's Living with Refugees documentary this past weekend here in Europe although the scheduled time slot got changed due to Prince Charles and Camilla's wedding. If you missed this excellent 1 hour program depicting Samura's 3 week journey and stay with a family escaping the killing fields of Darfur and their nightmarish experiences at the UNHCR Breijing Camp in Chad, then try to get your hands on the video or demand that it be shown again to the world by writing to your Minister of Communications or something. Here is another account of life in the camp published by journalist Monika Wawrzyniak on April 6th.

Riveting documentary journalism on the atrocities in Sudan and the abuse and incompetency of local and international "officials" who are supposed to be helping people who have escaped from what Kofi Anan described as a "living Hell". A must-see video for anyone who gives a damn about the victims of war and mass murder. Adam and his family are now living at the Tréguine Refugee Camp in Chad thanks to the tireless efforts of Sorious Samura. Neither camp is like the one that the IFRC describe in this little PR story from 2004. Living with Refugess. No blood, no Janaweed militias on camelback, and a Happy Ending (sort of).

See y'all in a couple of days or so. Ciao.


Ingrid said...

Fur and feathers flying eh? What ARE you talking about?!! I thought we were all just having a friendly discussion. You make me laugh. Hi to Tonto from Ophelia.

Black River Eagle said...

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Glad to be of service to a friend. Greetings to Ophelia from the two of us. We have to go bug (software) hunting today.

The Malau is back in the Salon. He missed the whole thing when the "discussion" broke out, but I think he has it back under control now. I apologized to the French again, sort of...:-)

Carine said...

I thought it was a good discussion, but I think obviously some of us will to end up agreeing to disagre. But it's all good ;)

Good luck with the software hunting! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments on Sorious Samura. I think it should be aired weekly for edicational purposes!