Thursday, June 10, 2004

Appreciation and Apologies

Hey, I finally got some time this week to do new postings to my blog. It's really funny that with all of the technology tools and gizmos I have at my disposal every day, this Jewels in the Jungle blog is on my mind much of the time___ "What are you gonna post next?", "Has anybody visited the blog today and left a comment?", "Are the young folks down in Jinja, Uganda enjoying this blog?", "Will it serve the purpose of why it was created in the first place, and especially be of use to our target audience around the world?". These are the kinds of questions going through my head all of the time.

So, about the appreciation thing. I do appreciate all of the communication and encouragement I have received via email and the blog comments. Thanks loads, it's like filling up on rocket fuel for me, really!

And, about the apology. I've been thinking about a STUPID statement I made in regards to the country of Somalia (see my "Good Blogs about Africa" posting). I made a comment in that posting that Somalia is a "hellhole". That was very stupid and insensitive of me, and I am sorry I said something like that. Strangely enough, nobody has contacted me and demanded that I correct that statement, or apologize.

Perhaps many people feel that Somalia is some kind of scenario from Hell, and that the situation there is hopeless. But if that is so, then we all have contributed in our silence and apathy to the demise of Somalia and of its peoples. One thing Yvette's weblog Inside Somaliland is teaching me, that there is still hope for these people on the Horn of Africa, in Somaliland and Somalia, and the rest of the region as well.

If more of us around the world don't get involved in helping these people out, whether it be shoulder-to-shoulder like Yvette does or by demanding that our governments and business leaders around the world get it together in regards to providing serious support and assistance to these people...or else!...or else it's curtains for everybody!

Well, anyway, that is my apology to the people of Somalia, Somaliland, and Yvette. I hope that it is accepted, 'cause I am really sorry.

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