Friday, May 28, 2004

Good Blogs about Africa

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If you are interested in the continent and people of Africa as I am, perhaps you may enjoy the following weblogs of note. A Taste of Africa is a very nicely done photoblog from a young aid and development professional, Yvette Lopez, who is presently working at the Horn of Africa in region named Somaliland.

You can link to Yvette's excellent weblog at: or just click on this posting's title above.

After reading a few of her weblog entries, you'll feel like walking into the UN Security Council and kicking total butt!! Another blatant failure of the U.N. and friends to support these people down on the Horn of Africa. Most of us have never even heard of the place, and yet the people of Somaliland seem to be moving faster toward stability and democracy than anybody in their region. Maybe that is why we have international troops at the Horn of Africa, to help these folks in Somaliland out, oder?

Somaliland is not to be confused with that hellhole Somalia, where a whole nation is being held hostage by bands of serial killer warlords and their child soldier militias, with lots of backing and financial support from their Lords across the Red Sea and beyond. Why doesn't any of the big international media outfits cover this Somaliland story!!? Is peace and progress on the African continent not newsworthy?

Correction: I learned last night that the BBC World and BBC U.K. media companies will be bringing out in May and June 2004 a heartbreaking documentary on child soldiers in Mogadishu, Somalia______ well, at least that is close by. Seems that the young star of the documentary got blown away before they could finish editing and air the program.

Another interesting weblog on Africa is African Pundit located at (Blogger), the very fine technology people behind my own weblog. African Pundit is interesting in that it provides more than an alternative point of view of African issues and politics vs. the view from the developed world at large.

You can link to the African Pundit blog at:

I'm sure there are plenty more good blogs on Africa, but let's face it, I've just got back from Mars re: weblogs and I have some catching up to do.



Anonymous said...

I WISH you could walk into the UNSC and scream and shout... problem is UN Peacekeeping forces inside the Democratic Republic of Congo supplied the malitia, guilty of some of the worst crimes against humanity ever commited, with automatic weapons in exchange for gold. That is the reality, that the shiney UN is guilty of corruption: just like african leaders like Robert Mugabe. Makes you a little worried...

Black River Eagle said...

Thanks for your comment today Lawrence. I saw that BBC News report yesterday about the latest scandal with UN Peacekeepers from Pakistan trading "gold for guns" down in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since the officers and enlisted men guilty of these crimes have been hastily transferred back to Pakistan there is little chance that they will be prosecuted for their crimes (which amounts to aiding and abetting in mass murder of innocent civilians in the DRC). Also it shall be interesting to see how the new UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, handles this latest UN scandal in the DRC. He may be guilty of the knowledge of a coverup by MONUC and back at UN HQ in New York.

Do a search for "Congo" on my blog to see other posts that I have written on the subject and check my blogroll for links to great blog authors writing regularly about the Congo.

The pale observer said...

Hi - good informative post! I am a Canadian living and working in Ghana for the past 12 years. I blog about life here - the good, the bad and the ugly. Please have a look and let me know your thoughts.


dithunya Seitsang lekoa said...

nice blog. im Tswana and equally interested in issues that affect my continent Africa. log on

Louisam said...

Another blog about aid in Africa is Liesbeth Glas' blog about her work on school feeding programmes in Liberia.

I think she does a great job painting a picture of daily life, particularly in fields of education and agriculture.