Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Welcome to the JEWELS in the JUNGLE Weblog


Blogger finally got their application updates act together and we are back online with the Jewels in the Jungle weblog....after months and months. Now if we could just recover our old material from our first Jewels in the Jungle 2003 Blog from Blogger we might be gettin' somewhere.

Well, a bit about this new Blog. "JEWELS in the JUNGLE" is a phrase I used to describe an aid and development project for orphaned children in Uganda in 2003. A dear friend and colleague of mine here in Germany came up with the project idea (the actual project name was Jewels-Juwelen, auf Deutsch), and I advised and directed her re: strategies and technology issues from the background (Shadow Camouflage directing is my specialty). You can learn more about the project by visiting their website at www.jewels-juwelen.de

The objective of the Jewels-Juwelen Project was to raise funds to construct a new schoolhouse and provide new learning materials to rural Ugandan village children in Jinja District, southern Uganda near Lake Victoria. Money was raised for the project via charity auctions of handcrafted jewelry created by students of the renowned Art and Design Institute in the city of Pforzheim, Germany. The project received good participation nationwide and some respectable press coverage in the German media. However, it is still unclear (to me anyway) whether they reached their objectives for those wonderful kids down in southern Uganda, or not. I'll advise on that later after I get the lowdown from my "people on the ground" down there.

JEWELS in the JUNGLE 2004 is an expansion along several channels on that original project idea, which will include not only humanitarian assistance initiatives but also programs to help foster sustainable social and economic development of communities throughout Africa's Great Lakes region and Central African communities.

I lead these initiatives and projects together with an international team of business, technology, and education professionals and we are confident that our goals and those of our partners in Africa will be accomplished.

The Jewels in the Jungle in my heart and mind are those precious young people one finds all over Africa, especially in the rural areas of the continent. This project weblog is dedicated to those young people, making sure we use new technology tools to extend our communications reach to them and our friends and partners around the world. Rising again, together, helping to insure a bright future for the children of Africa.

Follow this blog to learn more about how we are progressing with our plans and activities together with our partners down on the Equator, down in the Jungle. Feel free to make comments and suggestions to our regular Blog postings.


Black River Eagle said...

Just wanted to thank the folks at Blogger Support for clearing up our logon problems with older Blogs from 2002-2003.

Response to my enquiry was fast and professional, and I am very impressed with the folks at Blogger right now. Keep up the good work, 'cause that will win customer confidence and plenty of business for your company.

sokari said...

I love the photos you have on your blog. Keep them coming

Michoko said...

I wish I could show your blog to my Ugandese boyfriend but he doesn't speak english (spent too much time in France).
Will keep posted anyway.
Congrats for your investment in this project.
Let me know if ever I can help from France.