Monday, May 24, 2004

New Photos Coming !!!

Boy! I've been working all weekend on reviewing and editing digital photo files for use on this blog. Susanne Behnke (the Photographer/Co-Ordinator for the Jewels-Juwelen Project) took literally 1,000's of pics on the field trip down in Uganda last year.

I've just got my hands on the photo CD's last week, and there is some outstanding work Susanne has accomplished in Uganda. So stay tuned to this Blog to get the 1st peek preview of these photos before they go to print in an upcoming book by Ms. Behnke.

Must give credit to the folks at Idealab (makers of Picasa and Hello software) for use of their excellent software tools which help me to both manage and edit photo libraries and to effortlessly publish photos to this weblog. Thanks loads Idealab.

It should go without saying that Unauthorized Downloading and Use of any Photos on this weblog without prior consent from the author is Strictly Prohibited. Violators will be found and punished by the Jengi Spirit of the Jungle!! In other words, your computer might stop working, and you could become very, very sick! So Ask First, Please.

And if you don't believe that "Spirits of the Forest" exist, just take a look at the website of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. Ooooga-Booga Baby!

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