Monday, December 22, 2008

Congo's Christmas Prayer 2008: "Lord, Please Gimme Some Shelter"

Christmas Holidays 2008 in the eastern DR Congo.
Ben Affleck, The Rolling Stones and the UNHCR present "Gimmie Shelter".

This Christmas holiday season be sure to remember that millions of people down in the Democratic Republic of Congo desperately need our help. Don't look away, don't forget about them. Please let's not forget about these people while we are enjoying this sacred holiday season in relative safety and peace together with our families and friends.

A Christmas wish from me this year?

An opportunity to head south in 2009-2010 to see if I can't lend a helping hand in removing some of this abysmal misery and danger from people in the DR Congo. That my own children understand what is happening there and why it is happening, and that they are inspired to help out in every way they can. That millions of us around the globe finally realize that 'Enough is Enough' and convince our political leaders and leaders of intergovernmental bodies (i.e. the UN, the AU) to bring an end to this decade-long humanitarian crisis in the eastern DR Congo.

Thank you for visiting Jewels in the Jungle this year, and a special thank you to all of my fellow blog authors and colleagues for your support. Merry Christmas 2008 and have a safe and happy holiday season. See you again in 2009, God willing.

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