Thursday, July 20, 2006

Middle East: The Israel-Lebanon-Palestine Summer of War

Well, it didn’t take long for the world to come down from the euphoria of watching 32 nations compete in a friendly international sports competition (the FIFA World Cup 2006) into the brutality, carnage, fear, and hatred of war in the Middle East. I couldn’t have planned it better myself if I were the devil incarnate.

Splashed across TV screens around the world are Breaking News headlines about death and destruction raining down on the heads of innocent civilians, women, and children in Israel and Lebanon and Gaza. The daily carnage of sectarian violence and revenge killings and atrocities carried out by madmen operating in Iraqi cities has dropped to 2nd and 3rd position in daily TV news broadcasts and pushed back from the world’s press headlines.

The world’s bloggers immediately picked up on this outbreak of war and are jockeying for audiences around the globe right alongside many professional news reporters and news commentators for the major media networks. CNN International and newspapers i.e. the Times Online and the Washington Post online are giving valuable TV airtime and press coverage to the world’s bloggers. Bloggers are covering this worsening conflict minute-by-minute from the Israeli and Lebanese frontlines and cellars, evacuation LZ’s and ports, and hot zones where even the seasoned war reporters don’t have access or are afraid to tread (insurance problems).

While open warfare rages from Gaza to Haifa to Tyre to Beirut, Hezbollah and Hamas fighters are nowhere to be seen as they hunker down in underground bunkers and tunnels and/or crouch in dark alleyways well out of sight of Israeli airborne reconnaissance and fighter jets, and (surprisingly) out of sight of the camera lenses and microphones of international TV news teams. *1

Correction 1: CNN’s Nick Robinson found a Hezbollah press spokesman for a guided tour of the destruction in Beirut’s southern neighborhoods. Here is the link to the CNN video stream “Hezbollah - We will not surrender “(4:46).

The greatest destruction of lives and infrastructure that Lebanon has seen since the civil wars of 1975-1990, the Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon in 1978, and the Lebanon War of 1982 is taking place (again) LIVE before the eyes of the world. The deepest penetration of Israeli airspace and territory by rockets fired by the radical Islamic militias Hezbollah and Hamas are causing fear and destruction in several Israeli cities, towns and villages. The largest evacuation of civilians and foreign nationals from a war zone in the Mediterranean since WWII is playing out on television and PC screens around the globe, all at an enormous expense of human nerves and effort, military and civilian logistical support, and money. *2-2b

Correction 2: the U.S. government is charging its citizens and residents for evacuation services from Beirut.
Correction 2a: U.S. taxpayers are footing the evacuation bill after all.
Correction 2b: Sh--! The U.S. Marines have landed in Beirut for the first time in 22 years in order to evacuate American citizens. Will they be invited to stay on to help others?

World leaders from the most prosperous nations and the most promising developing countries in attendance at the 2006 G8 Summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia have again been knocked off-balance and off-track from the important affairs and needs of the world community listed on their agendas. Same thing happened at the 2005 G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland when homegrown Jihad wannabes decided to attack the people of London and Britain on July 7th.

UN, EU and other government officials are running around like their hair’s on fire with dumb looks on their faces, the Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa has declared that “…the Middle East Peace Process is dead!President G.W. Bush has been overheard (accidentally) using shocking cuss words in a private conversation with the U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair about what U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan needs to bluntly tell the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, to “Cut the Crap”. In other words, we have another Middle East SNAFU here.

It appears that the Middle East is dragging the world deeper into the abyss of all out war while people responsible for this incredible mess over the past several decades continue to run around blaming one another and pointing fingers at everyone and everything other than themselves. Israel and the U.S.A. of course stand right at the top of the List of Blame & Shame in the minds of many people caught up in this conflict, and a helluva lot of people who are a million miles away from the place. However EU leaders, Russia, and even some Arab countries’ leaders are pointing the finger squarely at Hezbollah for igniting the massive Israeli military response. World leaders are bitterly divided over whether Israel’s invasion of Lebanon and the bombardment of Lebanese towns and cities isn’t a bit “over the top”. Lot’s of people are (openly) supporting the rocket attacks and suicide bomb attacks against Israeli cities and towns by Hezbollah and Hamas.

One thing is for certain, children and sensible people young and old, black and white and brown and yellow, Jew and Muslim and Gentile and Hindu and Buddhist, the world over, WANT THIS VIOLENCE TO STOP ASAP.

Many of us older folks around the world have been watching this madness from the sidelines for years. Nothing has changed, and very little will change until a whole lot of people over in the Middle East get their collective shit together real soon. It is clear that leaders from “the West” cannot fix these problems and it is also clear that leaders in the Middle East are either incapable of fixing these problems or unwilling to do so. Personally, I am sick of it, and I know that I am not alone in my feelings as billions of people outside of the region are becoming numb and indifferent to the perpetual Crisis in the Middle East. It is the longest-running Carnival of Hopelessness and Death and Despair on Earth. And therein lies the danger for every citizen and resident of the Middle East, that the rest of the world will stop caring about what happens there.

These long-running conflicts are depressing, psychologically disturbing for kids and grownups everywhere, very costly in human lives and economic terms, and they kill the opportunities for a better life for people all across the globe. Millions and millions of people are facing problems that are the same and many times are even worse problems than those of the suffering masses of the Middle East.

The death and destruction and hatred resulting from wars suck life out of the whole world just like a wildfire sucks oxygen from the sky. Every living thing in its path is burned and dies or is permanently damaged, and you have to wait a damned long time before any sustainable life sprouts anew from soil that has been ruined by centuries of fear and hatred and religious fanaticism and social neglect. Perhaps a new generation of Arabs and Israelis and Persians, Jews and Muslims and Gentiles, will succeed where so many generations have failed so miserably for so long. My own generation of world leaders and common people have failed you the people of the Middle East, and we should all bow our heads in shame.

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Black River Eagle said...

For readers who may be interested, there has been another outbreak of war over the Middle East at my blogger buddy Chippla's weblog. Fortunately it is only a War of Words between beautiful minds that has little chance of escalating into the violence splashed across our TV screens every day. Check out Chippla's latest posts about the Israel-Lebanon conflict by visiting my blogroll on the right or using the URL below:
Israel's Bleak Future - July 27th
In Search of Israel's Conscience - July 21st

Anonymous said...

In case you did not know ...

Hamas was born out of group of Palestinians that Israel kicked out of their homes and left them on the Israeli-Lebanese border

Hezboallah was born by people who lost loved ones the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982

You are right ... Israel is creating more enemies (not terrorist) than it is killing

Try seeing your kids, brothers, sisters, parents or any loved one killed infront of your own eyes and you will know where hate is made!

Finally, Israel says it has the right to defend itself, isn't Israel an occupying force that has total control over Palestinian land, and part of Lebanon's land ... so by the same token, Palestinians and Lebanses have the right to defend themselves! Don't take my word for it, ask the United Nations, ask History ... but if you are still in doubt, ask God! The bible says Jesus was born in Palestine and not Israel ... so sorry guys, to me it is Palestine and will be that way forever!

Black River Eagle said...

Thank you "Anonymous" for stopping by and sharing your views. I presume you are the same person commenting in the debate over at Chippla's blog posts about this subject.

Pain and suffering and loss has been endured by all sides in this long-running conflict. I am neither on the side of the Israelis nor the Palestinians nor the Lebanese, but on the side of the people who are willing and able to make Peace a reality in the region. These few enlightened leaders must emerge from all three nations that are presently embroiled in deadly conflicts and war.

Anonymous said...

The previous commenter is certainly not the same one from Chippla's Blog. I am. I feel that people's opinions/position in respect of the argument regarding the Israeli/Arab conflict rests on the following: 1. Whether one believes Israel has a right to exist. 2. Whether one believes the threat to Israel can in reality culminate in its permenant demise from an Arab onslaught or 3. If one is is inherently anti-semitic/pro israel. The truth is that for most people the conflict exists in a far away land i.e they are removed from it in the same way the world wide web is a living thing but still; Surreal. A lot of people are also not particularly critical of the information they are fed and will generally take the position of the media they patronise. As for me, I see a striking resemblance between the Hezbolla's of this world and the danger that strikes closer to home as a northern nigerian but a 'christian'. That does not mean I view the innocent Civilians losing their lives in lebanon as mere no.s. But I put the blame squarely on Hezbolla. They have lost what makes us human. Consumed by a religous fervor, even if Israel lays down its arms and chooses to do so for a thousand years, for them (Hezbolla), there is no going back, the end time spoken in their book must happen. For people seeking to impute a moral equivalence between Hezbolla and Israel, only time will teach them that the Hezbollas of this world are a danger not only to Israel but to people everywhere, christians, muslims, atheists etc.

Black River Eagle said...

Sorry about the confusion Anonymous #2 from Nigeria. You should get yourself a handle (a blogger I.D.) because your comments at Chippla's place and now here at my blog are some of the most level-headed and clearest statements I have read to date on this difficult subject.

Thank you for your input, thank you very much.

Iraq & Israel, one for peace said...

Yes, Islamists, as Hizbollah, are not loyal to their country, always they follow others, we have crazy group called Sadr and they should be trashed on Iran.
I think Iraq and new Arab countries should be with Israel, to end suffering of civilians forever in this region.
read more:

janjo said...


Come and Join the discussions at Middle East Talks

hmm it is funny i don't know why the lonk does not become visible on here!

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