Wednesday, March 08, 2006

International Women's Day 2006: Honoring women and girls around the world

Sokari Ekine, author of the Black Looks blog and a contributing editor for Harvard's Global Voices Online blog project, has a magnificent roundup of international bloggers writing about African women on this special day for honoring the hard work and achievements and contributions of women and girls around the world. Today is International Womens Day 2006.

Be sure to read Honouring African Women Part I and Part II at GVO. Buried toward the bottom of my previous post on the Kenyan press freedom affair you will find a link to the special report for International Womens Day 2006 titled "Women at the Top". This is a 28 MB pdf-format file download from the Kenyan East African Standard newspaper with several articles on African women in leadership positions in business, academics, and politics and the community.

There is little that I can add to all that has been said (& written) so well by the world's bloggers today, other than if it weren't for the love and guidance and caring of women throughout my life from various races, ethnic groups, nationalities, and religions the world over, I wouldn't be here writing these words today. And that's a fact! Just ask them!

Hi Mom(s). Luv you all. What's for dinner?...:-)

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zimpundit said...

Thanks for stopping by. Likewise, thank you for hanging with us and encouraging us as we try to amplify some of the world's least audible voices

jenbrea said...

Hey. Thanks for your comment. I was actually just thinking the other day about writing here, especially since I never responded to your wonderfully kind comments and well wishes for the site. So thank you! I'm sorry you were having problems with my blog, but it might have to do with some technical tweaking that was done to export old posts to Africabeat's new site. For the long Charles Taylor (but really, Special Court for Sierra Leone) post, go here: For the short, "He's gone!" post, go here: