Wednesday, January 04, 2006

WEF Davos 2006: Blogging, podcasting, webcasting


The World Economic Forum 2006 Annual Meeting at Davos, Switzerland has annouced a major blogging and podcasting effort for this year's event. Tired of the various presidents and business leaders of the world neither answering your emails nor reading your blog? Then this is your big chance to listen to, be heard, and communicate with them face-to-face (sort of).

According to a WEF Press Release of January 2nd, ALL of the more than 2000 participants from countries around the world, including presidents and prime ministers, will be asked to contribute at least 1 post to the Forumblog. Boy, I'd hate to see those comment threads. So if you've got a gripe or a special request or just want to tell the Prez or Prime Minister what a great job he/she is doing, this is the place to be from January 25th-29th, 2006. Get in touch with your respective political and business leaders early to make sure that they pony up for the WEF 2006 Forumblog. Tell them to speak up loud and clear, the world's bloggers will be listening (and writing about it).

Hat tip to the World Bank's PSD blog for bringing our attention to this story and to Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion for being one of the first to break this news in the Blogosphere. Be sure to wear a nice, warm hat and ear muffs Steve while down in Davos. It's freezing over here and snowing non-stop down South in the Alps. Skiing and hotels are good. Prices are outrageous.


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