Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live8 Concerts for Africa: The Big Day is Here

I was going to leave a long comment on a post re: Africans on Live8 over at the Global Voices blog when I realized that it would be better to simply say it here at Jewels in the Jungle. So here goes:

Well, the Big Day is here and the sheer numbers of people involved are without equal for any musical event in human history. This is only another giant step along the Long Walk to Justice for Africa as the Live8 concert organizers have so correctly labelled it.

We who believe in Africa and in ourselves have the floor today and the voices of the sceptics and naysayers shall be silenced by a joyful noise going up from all over the planet. It is the Voices of Humanity crying out that we want the people of Africa to be free from poverty and war and ruthless exploitation, and that we want her beautiful forests and savannahs and river deltas and precious biodiversity and ecosystems protected and preserved from the international, regional, and local criminals who would rob the whole world of Africa's precious gifts.

It is Mama Africa (and not Bob Geldorf or Tony Blair) who sheds the "crocodile tears" today and they are tears of joy as she smiles widely to see that so many of her children (origins of species) here on Earth, black & white & brown & all colors of the human rainbow from (almost) all nations care about her and are so willing and ready to help.

There are many lessons that can be learned from the events that take place today and in the next few days leading up to this most important G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. As is often the case throughout human history there will only be a comparitive few who really "get it" and will be able to build upon the opportunities in ways that make a real difference. Today you can see the millions and millions of supporters of the Live8 concerts and the Make Poverty History campaigners who so desperately seek real justice for Africa and a bright future for her people.

This is a great day for Africa and all who love her should be very thankful.


Imnakoya said...

Many thanks to you BRE and many others out there that REALLY GET what the issue is about!

Black River Eagle said...

You are most welcome. You and many other people from Africa are the real heroes of the day just being able to survive this long let alone being able to excell in your careers and life pursuits.

You and Carine and Ali and Ory and many others born and raised in Africa are the gifted ones and the spotlights of world attention are shining on you and on Africa. I am confident that you will know what to do.

Did you note that over at the Technorati Live8 blog there is a new special section just for African bloggers posting on Live8 and the G 8 Summit??

Run with it Imnakoya. Run, run, run, run, run. Yessir!

Imnakoya said...

Jewels in mainstream media!, see: Music blogs close ears to Live 8 via BBC News