Monday, May 16, 2005

Ethiopia Decides: 2005 Parliamentary Elections

Surely you have heard about the (relative) calm and very high (80-89%) voter turnout at the polls in Ethiopia on Sunday. According to this BBC News article international observers seem to be pleased with the election so far as well as the ruling EPRDF party and to a somewhat lesser extent the main opposition party, the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD). I guess what really matters in the end is that the people of Ethiopia are satisfied with the voting process and the election results so that they can move forward.

My fellow blog author ethiopundit has been providing the Blogosphere with extensive and excellent insights into politics and life in Ethiopia for many months now. The ethiopundit is clearly not in favor of the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front taking a 3rd term in office and his writings are a must read for anyone seriously interested in learning how politics and history work in Ethiopia today. Many many thanks for your tireless work ethioblogger.

Another very good blog on life in Ethiopia is Meskel Square by journalist Andrew Heavens. Meskel Square's blog archive for May 2005 has two good articles about the elections and I'm sure there will be more to follow. Meskel Square is the historic 16-lane traffic junction in the nation's capitol Addis Ababa. Andrew's blog is a great read and he has lot's of good photos of Ethiopia available at Flickr.

So if your want the "inside scoop" on what's going on in this ancient and magnificent African country make sure you stop by ethiopundit and Meskel Square and use the resouces available in their respective blogrolls. Good Luck on the road to democratization Ethiopia and congratulations on the excellent voter turnout. Even children are allowed to vote down there! Maybe we oughta try that out in the "West". I bet you we would have fewer wars and less poverty and corruption in business and international affairs if kids could vote (without their parents in tow, of course).

Let children have a real voice in national politics. Give Kids the Vote!

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