Sunday, May 01, 2005

Darfur: New Flash Movie and Children's Drawings

Ingrid over at the Sudan Watch blog has a posting about a new (Macromedia) Flash video on Darfur created by the PHR organization after a trip PHR staffers made to the region this past January. The video music soundtrack was produced by the Berkelee College of Music Women-to-Women Project for Darfur. The soundtrack's main theme is titled “To the Sudanese Women” performed by Farah Siraj. Checkout the video credits for more information about the photographer, video and web producers who collaborated on this fine piece of work made primarily for Internet audiences. We need more online media projects like this about issues and peoples not only in Africa but around the whole planet.

Ingrid also has two postings on
drawings by children who have escaped the killings and atrocities in Darfur and are now living in refugee camps along the Sudanese border with Chad or (God forbid) inside of Sudan itself. Ethan Z has the original scoop on the Children of Darfur’s drawings posted at his blog here.

Spread the word and don’t forget about the people living in these miserable IDP camps, especially the beautiful little children. The next time someone tries to tell you that the Government of Sudan is not responsible for genocidal attacks and murder in the Sudan, remember these people’s words and pictures and the PHR video.

What you do to them (the "GoS is innocent" idiots) after that is your business. I know what I would do but I'm not supposed to talk (write) like that online, at least not on this blog.


Ingrid said...

Another great post. Thanks Bill. Sorry this comment is short. Busy blogging. Just wanted to let you know we've been linked by a great site called Global Voices. Happy May Day weekend.

Black River Eagle said...

Thanks for the heads-up Ingrid. We haven't just been linked by the folks over at Global Voices Online (see my blogroll), but the great roundup article was written by none other than (former CNN Asia bureau chief) Rebecca MacKinnon!

She is sort of a hero of mine in the world of journalism 'cause she had the guts to break away from the dog-eat-dog MSM and try out some new ideas, like blogging.

Here is the proper URL to her world roundup article of May 2nd:

Rebecca's been reading my stuff! My ego is bigger than King Kong's today. I think I'll go have a beer to calm down...:-)