Thursday, September 23, 2004

The U.N. Delegation from Uganda

The U.N. Delegation of the Future from Uganda
Photo by Susanne Behnke, Uganda 2003

Just doing a bit of dreaming about what the future could hold for the kids in the photos I'm posting today. What the future could hold for them in this century if we get behind 'em and get serious about all that talk at the U.N. this week. I wonder what these children dream about in regards to their future? Simple needs or really big dreams?

I wonder how many of my readers have ever heard about the Millinneum Development Goals or the Millinneum Challenge Account? I bet my two new blogger friends from Kenya, Mshairi and Kui, know what these programs are all about. Now the challenge is, how do we make it work for these kids?

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Mshairi said...

I believe the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are valuable and represent global commitments to reduce poverty, to tackle disease and ill health and gender inequality, lack of education, lack of access to clean water and environmental degradation.

I believe the deprived women, men and children of the world would be ready and very willing to work to achieve these goals – how many know they exist?

The MDGs require huge amounts of resources and commitments by governments in developing and developed countries and the international donor community. The MDGs also require that governments (together with civil society) produce plans to integrate objectives for successful achievement. I would be interested to know how just how many African governments have produced these plans.

The Millennium Project set up by the United Nations has produced a draft progress report (which they state is not for citation as it is still in draft form) and it would be interesting to see where progress, if any, has been made. 2015 is looming fast!