Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Iranian Bloggers Protest Government Crackdown

Iranian Bloggers Protest Government Crackdown on Reformist News Sites

"Uhh-Ohh! I think they are on to us (bloggers)?! Oh Schei--- !"

... and you thought that I was only going to write and post about Africa. Hah, fooled you didn't I?

Look, bloggers are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, online and offline (like in the streets). All kinds of people are trying to follow and understand this fast-developing phenomenon of free speech from the people available for free___ or at least at low cost, requires lot's of sweat-equity from the author(s) & publisher(s) though.

So if you are blogging from behind enemy lines or from within countries where free speech makes the folks-in-charge kinda nervous, watch your step and cover your behind. Pay attention to articles like this one from the Online Journalism Review, an excellent website of the University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Journalism.

"You could be next, Buster, so watch what you say in our country!"

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Black River Eagle said...

Headline: China Yanks Google's Leash on News Sites

Well, China's on to blogging too...must've got a tipoff from Tehran. Have you seen the September 27th, 2004 posting on the Google weblog? No, then you can check it out at this URL:

Sorry that you have to copy-and-paste this link into your browser, but Blogger Comments does not allow anything but text messages (Thank God!). Security you know, security is Job Nr. 1 on the Net these days.

My thanks for this news tip from Dave Winer's blog at ScriptingNews.com (see my "Hot Blogs & Sites To Go"). What? Who's Dave Winer? You don't know who Dave is? Why he is one of the founding fathers of blogging, that's who.