Wednesday, August 04, 2004

UNSIG - Sudan Country Profile

SIG - Sudan Country Profile

Hey, that U.N. Sudan Information Gateway website has lots of information and uses modern web technologies in a very impressive and easy-to-understand way.

For example, the site has well organized menues including News and Media feeds from various independent sources, a Country Profile section with an excellent Map Centre, loads of downloadable reports and documents, and the STARBASE database and statistical records system. I particularly found the various maps on IDP's (internally displaced persons) from the 20 year-old-war between the Khartoum regime and Southern Sudan interesting, and alarming.

I also learned on the website that I have been mispelling Omar's (President of Sudan) name wrong! Oh my gosh, I must correct that in all my postings about Omar immediately!

Here is an excerpt from a web page in the Country Profile section:

"...In 1989 a coup brought into power a military regime led by Lt. General Umar Hassan Ahmed al-Beshir which was dominated by the National Islamic Front led by Hassan al Turabi, Speaker of the 400 seat National Assembly. Following the 1989 coup the war against the SPLA intensified..."

Do visit the U.N. Sudan Information Gateway site, since many of us are paying for it with our tax dollars (and other currencies) as citizens of the world and member countries in-good-standing with the U.N.

O.K., most member countries don't pay SQUAT to the U.N. At least we should keep their excellent web design teams around.

Last and certainly least of all, In All Fairness to the GoS (Government of Sudan), here is the link to the Sudan Embassy (Washington, D.C.) where you can get the latest news direct from the camel's mouth about what is REALLY GOING ON in Darfur and the rest of Sudan. Enjoy.
Embassy of Sudan website in Washington, D.C.

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You can find a detailed Country Profile for sudan here

Sudan Country Profile