Friday, August 06, 2004

Is he from Darfur?

This photo of a young boy is a strong symbol of why we all must help to support and protect Africa's hope for a bright future...from Sudan to South Africa.
Photo by Susanne Behnke

Looks as if zillions of people around the world have stirred up quite a bit of dust and heat down in Sudan. That's good, but concerned people everywhere need to keep a very close eye on that 30-day countdown for Khartoum and the actions of the U.N and the A.U. and the rest of the "International Community".

The right thing to do in the meantime is to prepare professional military troops to go in and protect those refugees and the aid workers in Darfur and Chad, because the GoS will do nothing but continue their killings of innocent civilians and then lie about it "LIVE on international TV". Khartoum is already attempting to erase the evidence of genocide within the 90 days they have requested of the U.N. and show the world its "behind" while it does it.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, down in the Jungle... things have been conspicuously quiet. I'll have more photos and info on Uganda this month and hopefully some new inputs from Tanzania as well. You will get a chance soon to meet "The Professor", an African scholar and intellectual friend of mine. He was born in Tanzania back in the period when Africa was just emerging from European colonization, and he has lots of experience and stories about working with African leaders and governments and their international partners. He is a real treasure who I would like to share with all of you.

I've also added some new weblog links to my blogroll Hot Blogs ToGo today in order to help my visitors learn more about what other people are publishing to the Blogosphere regarding Africa. Check the right-hand side of this homepage for the new additions mostly Africa and Africa Blog and Southern Cross and Ethiopundit. Check my blogroll regularly for new additions.

Well, that's it for now. Have a nice weekend. Boy, it's really hot in Germany today, 30°C plus. The Europeans are really suffering from this heat. Think I'll go have a cold beer and watch 'em. Ciao.

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