Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Darfur: If you have a voice, use it !

If you thought that you may escape the international traditional media and the international alternative media (i.e. bloggers and the Web) coverage on the Crisis in Darfur, you were wrong and you are on the wrong blog for escape from this important global issue. As far as I am concerned, the plight of the refugees in Darfur and Chad is everybody's business, and I am going to keep trying to do my part including raising people's awareness and knowledge about Sudan through regular postings to this blog.

When you see an emergency of this scale unfolding before you very eyes, and you have a voice, then you damn well need to speak up, loudly! The perpetrators of these crimes in the region of Darfur and the Government of Sudan in Khartoum needs to hear the outraged Voices of the World, and understand what time it is... that it is time for them to backoff and let us help these people, or else.

John Prendergast of the ICG (International Crisis Group) gave a chilling account of what he and renowned Harvard University professor Samantha Powers witnessed firsthand on their recent trip to Northern Darfur. Here is the link to his July 15 report for the New York TImes "Sudan's Ravines of Death". You can find more ICG information and reports on Sudan at their special Crisisweb site Crisis in Darfur. has a recent "must read" interview with John Prendergast here:
To Save Lives in Darfur, Back African Peacekeepers and Demand War Crimes Accountability

Human Rights Watch has just released another scathing report on continued attacks and atrocities by both Janjaweed militias and GoS regular military and police that you can read here:
Darfur: New Atrocities Disprove Khartoum’s Claims

The BBC and CNNI continue their relentless LIVE reporting from within the region of Darfur and Chad including excellent interviews (i.e. BBC's Hardtalk ) with officials from the GoS and experts from the International Community. It's a pleasure to watch some of the excellent female reporters and journalists expose and publicly shame the very world officials who are supposed to be bringing everthing under control in Darfur. Go get 'em girls, dog 'em!

BBC World: Sudan Faces New Atrocity Charges

BBC Hardtalk: Interview with Sudan Vice President Ali Osman Taha

CNNI: Khartoum 'worsening Darfur crisis'

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