Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Water Carrier

Young girls with watercan on their way home.
Photo by Susanne Behnke, Uganda 2003

It's difficult to attend school regularly when you are forced to carry water back and forth to your village everyday. The older girl needs to be in school and the two of them should not be out on this road. In this particular photo series by Susanne there are a number of scenes like this one where small children are alone along this stretch of dirt road, sent to fetch fresh water.

I have no details on the children in this photograph other than what we all can see, that the young girl in the dirty blue dress is tired from carrying a half-full container of water down a long and dusty road. She is most likely not in the best of health and the two of them may possibly be fending for themselves or living with relatives too weak or too old to carry water back-and-forth, every single day.

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