Friday, July 30, 2004

Darfur Photo 4

Family of women and children survivors of the Janjaweed raids in Darfur.
Photo by USAID July 2004

These people were farmers, able to fend for themselves in an already most inhospitable arid climate, tending their fields and producing food for their villages. Now they are totally dependant upon the world community for their very existence, their menfolk young and old gone, brutally murdered by their own government.

The U.N. Secretary Gerneral, Kofi Annan, is pleading with donor nations for financial pledges from member countries to be honored. The U.N. has received less than 50% of the aid it requested to care for the more than 1 million IDP's presently in Darfur and Chad.

Here is a July 26th report from CNN's Chief International Correspondent Christianne Amanpour filed from Chad: Sudan's Hellish Humanitarian Crisis

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