Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just for Fun Meme: 5 Things About Me

There is meme going around the Africa sector of the blogosphere (and beyond?) and I’ve been invited by Fikirte at The Concoction to participate in the fun. Normally I turn these invitations down with some lame excuse but since it was Fikirte that asked I decided to go along.

Warning blogger friends and readers:
Don’t ask me to do something like this again. Pay particular attention to Item #1. Here is my response to Fikirte.

I just saw this meme reference to "Jewels in the Jungle" today Fikirte, sorry about the delay in responding. I almost never talk about myself at my blog but I am interested in giving it go with the "5 Things About Me" meme. Give me some time to buildup my courage. O.K., I'm ready.

5 Things About Me by BRE:

#1. I am a coward when it comes to some things...

#2. Hmmm, let me think. Oh yeah, I love to collect handmade art and crafts. As a matter of fact at one time I represented some of the best artists and craftspeople in Europe who created pieces from glass, wood, ceramic, and metal.

#3. I can't dance (well) even though I'm black. The girls of my younger years loved me anyway for my brains and kindness and most of all for my good lucks and my 1962 baby blue Chevy Impala convertable.

#4. I love to read books and have a fantastic collection but it takes me forever to finish a book. I read for pleasure mainly at night before I go to sleep and often lose my place while dozing off. Then I have to start all over again.

#5. I am a clean freak and everything has its place in my home but my office looks like something out of a Mad Professor film. I shop for groceries and can cook as well as a 5-star chef, I clean floors and windows and the bathroom, wash and iron, repair stuff around the house, you name it but I can't sew on a button without assistance.

Ironing clothes is my favorite form of meditation and I even iron & fold my undershorts. I guess that I'm much like the character Mr. Monk in that popular U.S. TV series by the same name when it comes to cleanliness and order but sometimes I behave like Louis Gosset Jr. in "An Officer and a Gentleman". We guys like to talk tough and be in charge, you know.

How am I doing? Want to know more? Forget it.

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Benin "Mwangi" said...

That was pretty deep. Hat's off to you for being so open in your "Meme" post.

It's not easy opening up like that, someone invited me to answer one and I wasn't really able to get that personal, perhaps you're much braver than you thought...

Until the next time-stay clean and well read!!! :-)

Fikirte said...

Bill, thanks for being a good sport. That was fun, but ironing for meditation...? You lost me there! I deliberately burn cloths so nobody would ask me to iron for them. :-)

Black River Eagle said...

Thanks you two (Fikirte and Benin). It was tough to talk about myself like that but somehow I got through it...:-)

You oughta try it out sometimes Benin, it can be liberating. Don't forget to include something embarrassing about yourself that you would rather not share with the public.

Re: ironing clothes as a form of meditation.

Both of my beloved grandmothers worked as domestics much of their lives in the homes of the rich and famous, as that was the only work available to them at the time due to racial prejuidice in the American workplace. They were self-educated for the most part as formal education was also restricted for them. They probably had to work as youngsters vs. attending primary and secondary school because they grew up in rural communities.

My grandmothers were both born around the start of the 20th century, one in the American Midwest (Illinois) and one in the South near the Arkansas-Texas border. Their life stories would be enough material for two bestseller novels and a Hollywood blockbuster to boot. Maybe I should give Spielberg a call?

As a youngster I would spend hours with them while they ironed not only their privelaged employer's clothes but all their own family's clothes as well. They were both very wise and loving women and among many other things taught me the art of meditation (& prayer) while you work.

Today I won't let women anywhere near my ironing without a fight and things can get pretty rough in my kitchen too unless you know what you doin' in there...:-)