Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Introducing El Jorgito! (aka George)

I just wanted to let my readers know that I am still here and apologize for not posting over the past several days. In addition to getting some non-blog related stuff done I have been exploring, reading, listening, and marvelling at the work other blog authors and web publishers are doing out there. Wahnsinn! (Deutsch for WOW!)

After I get all of my little duckies (new posts on Africa) lined up in a row I should be back up-and-running later this week. In the meantime please visit some of the great new sites listed in my Blogroll 'cause that's where much of the real action is at the moment.

My Hat Tip for the Day would be to start with George Conrad of the On Safari with El Jorgito blog and be sure to checkout his work with the Grameen Foundation's Village Phone project down in Rwanda. Here is another posting over at the WorldChanging blog about this successful use of mobile telecommunications combined with a well organized and tested microfinance program to help alleviate absolute poverty in developing communities around the world.

And don't miss George's photostream over at Flickr. George is the Man down in Rwanda! Got questions about having this great program for your own community back home? Ask George!

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