Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day 2005

Happy Mother's Day to all those Moms out there who read my blog or just happened to end up here today by accident. I'm gonna have dinner with my family here in Germany in a few minutes, but couldn't pass up a chance to wish you all a nice day. And yes, I did call my Mom back home in the States today to wish her a Happy Mother's Day and tell her that I do love her very much, despite our (sometime) fierce arguments when I'm back home on American soil. Lot's of temperament in the family you know, especially the women. I just wish that I could figure out a way to safely disarm Mom. She always hides her (2) firearms when she hears I'm coming into town so that I can't find them and turn them over to the local sheriff. Other than that my Mom is a real sweet senior citizen and goes to church (almost) every Sunday. I think she leaves the pistol(s) at home, but I'm not sure about some of the other Mom's sittin' up in church. You never know...:-)

So for all those Moms and Moms-to-be and future Mothers out there in the Blogosphere, here is a nice little photo set from the International Rescue Committee titled "Mothers and Children" for your viewing pleasure.

That's it. Ciao Bella Mamas...:-)

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Carine said...

I just love the photos! :)

I'm confused: there are so many mother's day. So far this year, I've sent her 3 cards! Despite arguments and crazy situations we've only got one Mother. Mother's day should be everyday!! :)

I Hope your projects are coming along well. Take care!