Saturday, May 14, 2005

Business Success Stories in Africa

Ethan is back from Japan and has posted The Ghanaian Success Story on May 10th to his blog. All writers who really care about Africa need to do more to better research, write, and publish stories that point out Africa’s successes. And yes that goes for Yours Truly most of all.

It is just as easy to find good news and success stories about Africa as it is to find stories about humanitarian crisis, war, and other depressing stuff. One thing we can do better is to stop relying so heavily on the MSM for our news and views and begin to source our own news from people living and working in Africa and by sharing and using more information with one another.

Here is a
related posting at Howard French’s A Glimpse of the World titled “The Africa You Never See”. The original article appeared in the Washington Post and was written by Carol Pineau. Here is the World Bank March 18th press release about Pineau’s documentary film Africa Open for Business and the link to the Africa: Open for Business website.

A “Hat Tip” to Kenya Hudson at
Ambiguous Adventure and to Emeka of The Timbuktu Chronicles for helping to get Pineau’s story out into the Blogosphere last month.

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Imnakoya said...

Tough doing business in Africa, particularly Nigeria. Good story. There was an article a while back one lady's lady's entrepreneural experience in Liberia...I hope there is a lesson or two she can learn from this movie. Thanks for the warm comments on Grandiose Parlor