Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Covering your rear-end in the Blogosphere

Ethan Zuckerman of the My Heart's in Accra blog has an interesting article on using encryption technology to protect yourself online titled A Technical Guide to Anonymous Blogging. If you find yourself in one of those repressive regimes where speaking out can land you in jail, get you killed, tortured, or worse then this article is worth a read. Also check out Ethan's new blog publishing experiment using Wordpress at his new URL here. The last time Ethan tried out a new web publishing tool it did not work out so well, but if he get's into trouble with the new software this time he can always seek help from Wordpress afficiendos like Carine or Amy.

Ethan also wrote an article titled the Subtle Business of Software Localization. This article should be interesting for those of you who use web-based digital image storage and management services from Flickr or Yahoo! and are wondering why your images don't look the same online vs. how they are displayed on your PC monitor. Note that Ethan is cross-posting (or bridging?) between his new blog address and the old blog address at Harvard.

We'll keep it brief today because yes we are still working on the technology problems described earlier. Sometimes technology can be a BIG PAIN IN THE YOU KNOW WHAT!!! Fortunately we know how to keep a cool head in technical emergencies.

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Wambui said...

Hopefully we will have you back soon. Thank you for your encouragement. ;-)