Friday, September 03, 2004

Waiting for the U.N. - Sudan

I told you in my post from yesterday that they (U.N. Security Council) would screw this up! I mean not even Kofi Annan understands what happened in there yesterday___ are there going to be sanctions, are troops (oops!, peacekeepers I mean) going in, is Omar getting the message or what??

Mr. Pronk, the U.N. Special Envoy for Darfur tried to slide that wishy-washy report of his through in the best U.N. diplomatic BS style and almost got away with it. Before everybody could adjourn for the day and slip out of the meeting room without accomplishing anything, U.N. Ambassador Danforth from the United States of America made a frontal assault on Mr. Pronk and his findings by stating something on the order of:
"... in regards to your statements re: the Government of Sudan showing improvements by not supporting the various militia groups who continue to attack innocent civillians in Darfur, You Are Flat Wrong!".

This is the equivalent of calling the man a damn liar in American English diplomatic language. U.S. Senator Frist (Senate Majority Leader) who has also visited the region recently (see Sudan - The Crisis in Darfur) was even more blunt about what could and should be the next steps for everyone after yesteday's Security Council meeting, but we don't want to get Omar too nervous while he's seriously thinking about his next move (which is hopefully headin' for the exit).

Today I found some very interesting historical and cultural information on Sudan and ancient Nubia, the Pyramids at Meroe, history of the indigenous tribes of Sudan, and all kinds of really fascinating stuff I want to share with you in the next weeks. It should help throw some more light on the country and its peoples, much of it fascinating. It's part of my own "Carrot and Stick Strategy" for Omar and the Gang. In the meantime, checkout the latest news links below. BBC's Barnaby Philips piece is a real laugh, but follow down the path he has so skillfully laid out in the story for some real historical and cultural surprises. Ciao.

CNN: U.N. Envoy Reports Militias Still Killing Folks
CNN: Interview with the Prez of Sudan, Christianne Gets Cozy with Omar over lunch. Note: I saw this interview on CNNI - Europe August 12th. President Omar al-Beshir was not a happy camper during this interview. Must've been the smell of death from the refugee camps in Darfur still clinging to Christianne's clothing or something.

Sudan Rejects Darfur Peace Force (What did you expect?)
BBC: Spotlight on Sudan's Red Tape by Barnaby Philips

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