Thursday, September 02, 2004

Time is up, Omar!

The latest deadline given to the GoS (Government of Sudan) by the United Nations expired on the 30th of August. I was tempted on that day to begin raging and ranting again about the continuation of atrocities by the Sudanese Army and Police and the Janjaweed Militias against the people of Darfur, but I decided to wait and follow the developing news reports made available by a myriad of institutions and international agencies.

It's a good idea (sometimes) to wait and get all of the facts you can before you criticize and condemn people about a situation as dire and serious as that in Darfur. Taking the time to read reports and news articles can be helpful in understanding what is going through the minds of people like Omar al-Beshir and his many henchmen and international supporters. However with the regime in Khartoum you can get the same insights on how their minds work by reading Stephan King or the psychiatric profiles of famous mass murderers throughout history.

So I have read hundreds of pages and watched hours of Live TV news reports over the past few months. And after all of that reading and watching and hoping and praying I keep coming up empty on Omar's point of view. All that I can see and understand is that we have another outlaw criminal regime led by some self-serving despot idiot deadbent on murdering and slaughtering people in Africa. Below are some new links to the latest news and reports on the Crisis in Darfur. Perhaps you (my readers) can find something positive about the Government of Sudan and the Janjaweed Militias that I have missed___ I just can't find anything like that. Sorry.

CSM on the China / Russia connection: Sudan's Key Ties at the U.N.
HRW latest scathing reports on Sudan:
Crisis in Darfur jumpage
BBC article w/ Security Council Report:
Deal to Boost Darfur Aid
BBC articles: Sudan's Lost Boys and The Lost Girls of Sudan
International Crisis Group (ICG) latest report: Darfur Deadline

Today the U.N. Securtiy Council is supposed to meet in order to decide what are the next steps to take in regards to Sudan. Mr. Kofi Annan and the U.S. government and the African Union and zillions of people around the world (especially black folks) want to see some serious protection put into place for the peoples of Darfur and refugees in eastern Chad, now. Right Now! Since this is the U.N. Security Council we are talking about, don't expect much in terms of a United World Community Front against Genocide and Slavery. Just check their track record, 'aint much hope there.

So I am going to wait some more before I lash out at Omar and his boyz. Perhaps a miracle will happen today on Manhattan's east-side at the U.N. I am real interested to find out what the 15 member council will do, to see who will truly stand up for justice on behalf of the peoples of Darfur and people throughout the continent of Africa____ and who will stand up only for their own self-serving exploitive interests and historically-proven murderous greed.

I want to also call attention to the excellent reporting on Darfur by the journalists Hilary Anderson of the BBC and Christianne Ammanpour of CNN and the many professional photojournalists, humanitarian organization workers, and even civic leaders who have worked so hard to get the story of the Crisis in Darfur out into the open for the World. Thank you from those who care.

Time is up Omar! Your time to get it together has expired, buddy.

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