Monday, August 02, 2004

Sudan army's anger over UN 'war'

BBC NEWS Africa Sudan army's anger over UN 'war'

Well, here's the latest official word from the Government of Sudan (a.k.a. GoS):

"The Security Council resolution about the Darfur issue is a declaration of war on the Sudan and its people," armed forces spokesman General Mohamed Beshir Suleiman told the official Al Anbaa daily newspaper..." (see link above for full article)

Well, my answer to the General after reading his statements and his declaration of another Holy Jihad in Sudan against "The West" is, "Fine with me, Dude, let's get it on right now, screw the 30 days. Move the women and children to safety, and let's get it on."

The BBC has some other interesting articles and features on its Africa homepage today,
BBC News Africa August 02, 2004 . Of special note are the following features:

Darfur: What's the Way Forward (a BBC Africa Live debate on August 4th at 16:30 and 18:30 GMT, email and audio participation)

Africa Photo Essay Contest (see Photo Journals link and dropdown menue) ( Teaching in Uganda - essay on a school for HIV/AIDS orphans in Kampala)

Finally, I found this article published in the online version of the U.K. newspaper "The Scotsman" not only an interesting point of view on the Crisis in Darfur, but a scathing criticism of the United Nations Security Council limited actions and failure to head off the crisis in time:
The Scotsman (online) - U.N. Takes the Path of Least Resistance

According to the latest Blogosphere Stats from Technorati, there are over 3.3 million blogs (weblogs) being tracked just by that service since July 7th, and there are between 8,000 - 17,000 new blogs being created around the world every day. My first casual search on blog articles related to the Darfur Crisis today yielded 308 postings, many of them excellently written.

Now that's what I call an alternative movement to mainstream media! The crescendo of voices is rising in volume and numbers against Khartoum and the Janjaweed Arab Militias, every day.

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