Monday, August 23, 2004

Back to School Net in Africa

School Net Africa

I've been following them on the Net for months and just about everything I have read on this not-for-profit organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa is outstanding. You can examine the organization's programs, tools and resources for teachers and school administrators at the link provided above. You can read about their mission statement here and I have provided a brief excerpt from their website below.

If you are involved with or interested in improving the education of youth on the continent of Africa, and haven't checked out School Net Africa's new online portal, then you have been sleeping and not doing your job properly. Here is a second chance to do that and an opportunity to start or expand upon School Net projects in your country. Contact them personally.

Operating in 31 African nations. Publishing in Kiswahili, English, French, Portuguese, and Arabic. Backed by some of the best private and public international partners and sponsors anyone could ever want. No excuses. It's Back to School Time for the children of Africa. Get busy buddy!

Our Organisation
SchoolNet Africa is one of Africa's first African-led, African-based non-government organisations (NGO) that operates across the continent in its endeavour to improve education access, quality and efficiency through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in African schools. SchoolNet Africa works mainly with learners, teachers, policymakers and practitioners through country-based schoolnet organisations across Africa.

SchoolNet Africa is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa where it employs staff from different African countries to manage its programs.

Our Vision
SchoolNet Africa's vision is for the empowerment of all of Africa's children and youth through access to quality education, information and knowledge on the basis of their effective use of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Our Mission
SchoolNet Africa's mission is to support national SchoolNets throughout Africa by mobilizing resources, building effective partnerships and knowledge in promoting education through sustainable use of ICTs in African schools.

  • SNA stands for the right of all African youth to education and lifelong learning possibilities.
  • SNA stands for the right of every African child to have access to information.
  • We stand for affordable and sustainable access to ICTs in African Schools.
  • African education content on the Internet.
  • We work towards developing online content in local languages.

What We Stand For
SchoolNet Africa supports and promotes

  • the right of every African child to have access to education, information and knowledge
  • affordable and sustainable ICT access for African schools using a variety of solutions
  • the creation of locally developed, digitised education content
  • expression through the recognition of indigenous African languages
  • multi-stakeholder partnerships within a progressive, development framework
  • gender integration and women's empowerment
  • the achievement of the Education For All objectives and the UN Millenium Development Goals

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