Friday, July 30, 2004

World wants Sudan militias disarmed - Now! - U.S. wants Sudan militias disarmed - Jul 30, 2004

We are waiting on the vote today U.N. Security Council, it's 16:46 here in Europe and no word out of New York yet. Which countries will be for the refugees of Darfur, which countries will be against them, and which countries are too much of a coward or too complicit in the crimes themselves to vote either way?

Well the vote is finally in, a 13-0-2 vote in favor of sanctions, and again we find China in the shadows of rampant exploitation and human misery in Africa. Pakistan simply is between a rock and a hard place again re: another failed Islamic state.

CNN article on the U.N.S.C. vote: U.N. Council O.K.'s Resolution

BBC's article on the S.C. resolution: U.N. Resolution on Darfur - Full Text

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