Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sudan - The Crisis in Darfur

Human Rights Watch - Sudan - Crisis in Darfur

Above is a link to some online resources from Human Rights Watch on the Crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan. Pay particular attention to the reports "Darfur Destroyed" and "Darfur in Flames", with the accompanying multimedia presentations (photos and video).

Then ask yourself the very important question, "Can I just sit here and do nothing about these types of atrocities, again?".

Answer: "If you've got a voice, Use It Damnit!!  If you can do more than just complain, then do more, right now."
What I particularly like about the HRW resource page on the Darfur Crisis is the list of recommendations on what you can actually do to help these people in taking direct action with your respective governments and international organizations i.e. the United Nations Security Council.
If that is not enough to get your butt moving on this critically important global issue which we and our concerned world leaders all swore would never be allowed to happen again in our lifetimes (Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Rwanda, Auschwitz), perhaps the following links might help:
U.S. Congressional Visit to Darfur June 2004 by U.S. Senator Sam Brownbeck and U.S. Representative Frank Wolf:
News article and report
Photos by Dan Scandling 
AllAfrica.com newswire and article directory for the Sudan Crisis
CNNI articles on the Darfur Crisis
BBC World articles and resources on the Darfur Crisis
Where are the millions of people around the world now who were so eager over the past few years to"go on the streets and storm the barricades" in vehement protest against unjust War??
Is it not that the people of Darfur deserve our support through intervention actions and humanitarian assistance, and our collective expressions of outrage and condemnation toward the government in Khartoum and their "shady" backers?
Are the Black Africans of Darfur made to suffer unbearable atrocities while much of the world remains silent for the same reasons that the Janjaweed Arab militias hunt them down like animals, because their skin is black, is that it?

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