Saturday, June 05, 2004

More cool stuff for Caroline and Friends

I was trying to catch up on reading my many email newsletters today and came across the following information I wanted to share especially with Caroline in Jinja and her friends. This is also important reading material for anyone visiting this weblog who is interested in gender issues and the empowerment of women in developing and developed societies. I sure the heck am interested!

UNIFEM at the World Summit on the Information Society 2003
UNIFEM’s Work in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)*
*Note: Be sure to read the article on the launch of the Digital Diaspora Initiative at Kampala, Uganda in May 2003. I wonder what benefits that high-level project has brought to the people in Uganda and the African Great Lakes region over the past 12 months? Does anybody have update information?

WLP – Womens Learning Partnership

View the “Profiles” and “Projects” section of this website for brief profiles of outstanding women leaders in developing nations worldwide, and how to contact them. I looked for your “role model” on their list and she wasn’t there, yet. However, I have read some of her reports and presentations online and she certainly should be on this list. As a matter of fact there were no women leaders from Uganda on this list, so someone should contact this organization and bring them up to date!


This site seems to be very hot with young people around the world interested in all kinds of things, and I believe they have a Uganda section for partners and members in your country. Is there any news about this organization in Jinja? Someone should contact to these folks from your community.

That’s it for today. It’s Weekend Time!



Golgi said...

Great blog - found it via AllAfrica.

Black River Eagle said...

Thanks Golgi down in South Africa,

I left a message on your blog today as well. I have to figure out how to add a Blogroll to this baby, so that we can all just link all over the place!