Monday, June 21, 2004

Monday's Smile

Monday's Smile - one of the prettiest smiles in all of Africa.
Photo by Susanne Behnke, Uganda 2003

She has the most beautiful smile, it's Monday, so I've named this photo posting "Monday's Smile". Something to cheer up visitors and friends who are facing another long work week and are wondering "How am I going to make it to Friday??".

Well, there has been plenty going on here in Europe and down in Jinja since my last posting. Big breach of messaging security in Uganda which makes you ask the question,

"Should people in developing countries be left to the mercy of unscrupulous Internet café owners and shady Internet Service Providers?" Answer: "H--- No! Would you trust just any Internet café staff with your personal and confidential info online?!"

I'll fill you in on what that's all about in my future postings, after we finish our CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). For now, enjoy Monday's Smile, and see if she makes you smile as well. Naw, see, you can do it.

Dedicated to our new visitor "Doc" von Holten, one of the finest information technologists and engineers on the planet. Welcome to "Jewels in the Jungle", Doc!

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