Friday, June 04, 2004

Cool Tech Weblog for Caroline and Friends

This posting is for Caroline and her "aspiring technology professional and entrepreneur" friends in Jinja. Here is a message I sent to a very clever young man working with technology issues in West Africa, namely Nigeria. Check out his weblog Seun Osewa's Weblog. I think it is both educational and sometimes very funny, and may give you some ideas on how you would build and maintain weblogs from Jinja. Do check it out, and you'll be hearing from me again next week with more pictures and less talk.

I wrote to Seun:

Hi Seun,

I just discovered your blog on the BlogAfrica weblog directory and I think it is pretty cool, especially from a "technology on a shoetring budget" point of view.

I am presently publishing a weblog named "Jewels in the Jungle" which is focused on young people down in Jinja, Uganda. So far it's getting a nice response from people there.

I would like to build a link on one of my future postings to your weblog, and am asking permission from you to do that first. Aint that nice of me?

Secondly, the youth in the community in Jinja could really benefit from your excellent advice on technology issues, malaria, and dating. So I want to point them to you as an experienced blogger and "armchair entrepreneur" working in Africa. Thought I'd warn you first so you'll be up to it in case anybody blogs ya.

Keep up the very good work, and I hope that you get better with the malaria problem ASAP.

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Seun Osewa said...

Thanks for mentioning my weblog. In the next week or so, I will try to craft my new posts to be more useful to people that come from your site.